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Indigenous Motivational

Keynote Speaker 

Empowering & Motivating our Youth & Communities

First Nation Speaker | Carlin D Nordstorm

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• Building Communities • Empowering People • Strengthening Families • Anti-Bullying

What goals are you setting for yourself?

Goal setting has always been a key piece of my speaking and coaching experience.

You set goals for skills you want to learn. You set goals for improvements you'd like to make. But it takes more than just setting goals to make progress, you need the determination and grit to achieve those goals.

So, take this as an encouragement, go get those goals!

Is exercise a part of your daily routine?

It's no surprise that it probably should be. But it doesn't have to be anything crazy! Just going for a walk, doing some push ups, pull ups, and sit ups (that's a lot of ups...) a few times a week can do wonders for your physical and mental health.

Health and wellness doesn't have to be hard. Have a great day!

You're never too young to learn!

I've made classroom visits to a number of grades and I can say with certainty that kids are never too young to start learning about health and nutrition.

Not only are they engaged and asking questions, but they haven't formed the unhealthy habits that I often see in lots teenagers.

Nothing gets the blood flowing like a good workout.

Not only does it contribute to your physical fitness, but it also does more that you'd expect for your mental health.

How did you get the blood flowing today?

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Fishing Camp

Land Based Education

At our camps we maximize time and have an efficient schedule that gives the youth a quality learning experience. All youth leave the camps with a renewed confidence and increased sense of pride from the many traditional skills learned on the trip.

Skills and Education

  •   Morning group exercise

  •    Learning to fish

  •    Wilderness survival skills

  •    Cooking classes

  • Indigenous motivational speaker  

    Learn More >

    Indigenous Motivational speaker

    Hunting Camp

    Land Based Education

    It is important for First Nations youth to have positive social interaction and participate in land-based learning and healing as part of reclaiming and rebuilding their First Nation identity.

    Skills and Education

  •   Big game hunting

  •   Archery & target shootings

  •  Butchering and packaging wild game

  • Learn More >

    Sports & Fitness Camps

    Learn the best hockey skills development systems.

    As a Pro - I went to train under who is one of the best renowned skills development instructors in hockey; Paul Vincent Sr. He has trained many NHLers from Adam Oates to Patrick Kane and continues to work with NHL teams and players.

    Kisik camps implements the Paul Vincent, KISIK Hockey and the highly renowned Steve Serdachny system of skill development. I combine both of these to give your kids the best. I will improve your hockey players!

    All Female Self-Defense WorkShop

    Our head trainer is Shawn Tallmadge, an indigenous Martial Arts specialist, originally from the Meadow Lake area.

    Shawn has 20 years of self-defense training, including working with females and victims of sexual assault. With the help of his training, these victims were able to be active in the community once again after being afraid to leave the house.

    We want you to feel safe at home, in your car, on the street and in public places. We teach self-defense techniques in REAL LIFE situational settings with training that can save you from an assault, rape or possibly even save your life.

    He is a charismatic individual.

     Mr. Nordstrom managed to hold the attention of the students throughout his talk. He offered them some very good concepts on how to set and achieve goals.

    He is good at getting his points across to his audience.

    Perry Novicki –

    Teacher, Mosquito FN school

    He sent a clear message to our students.

    Work hard, set goals, surround yourself with positive people, and never give up. The students were engaged listening to Carlin's story of his personal perseverance to attain his goals to reach NHL level of hockey.

    Lori Benko –

    Teacher, Legoff School Alberta

    He focussed on perseverance and determination.

    Carlin illustrated these with real-life experiences throughout the presentation; in the end, students were given an opportunity to respond, in addition to this, he offered them an opportunity to participate in a fitness component after his presentation.

    Vince Ahenakew –

    Principal, Ile-a-la-crosse school

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